Honey - 100% Pure Raw Qld Honey 500g Jar

Queensland Honey Products offer the very best honey, grown organically on Queensland farms near the idyllic Glass House Mountain ranges in Queensland. We produce pure, raw honey – free from additives and preservatives – to give you fresh and local Queensland honey that you and your family will love. 

What sets our high-quality honey apart from the big competition? Well for starters, you’ll be buying honey direct from the beekeeper, every time. You’ll be guaranteed that the only thing in the jar is great-tasting, all-natural honey – and that’s the way it should be.

With quantities from 500g, right up to larger commercial quantities (available upon request), our honey can be tailored to order, meaning you get what you want, every time.  

The best news? You’ll be supporting local Queensland farmers in producing the country’s best products.

100% raw natural honey with no added chemicals and rich in antioxidants - straight from the hive.

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