Stainless Steel Honey Storage Tank - 200kg

High-Quality Beehive Boxes and Honey Storage Tanks

We stock affordable timber beehive boxes and frames that are sourced from carefully managed and certified plantation forests. They’re made with New Zealand Pine, and have dovetail joints for easy assembly and added strength. What else? Our stainless-steel honey storage tanks offer great storage for honey – ensuring that you’ll keep your honey fresh.  

Fast Delivery, Excellent Customer Service

Can’t wait to get started? We pride ourselves on our knowledge of beekeeping and are more than happy to help you with any questions about our equipment and supplies.

So, if you’re thinking about making your own honey, or you need beekeeping supplies that are second-to-none, we provide all the strong and durable beekeeping equipment that you’ll need to build your own beehive.

With honey tap/pourer

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